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Year 5

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Welcome to Year 5!

Working with you in Year 5 for most of the week are Mrs Nicholls, Mrs Plant and Miss Hele.

We are also lucky to have Mrs Jones and Mrs Norman-Ball working with us for some lessons.


This term we are learning all about life during Victorian times. Find out more by reading through the Parent Topic Information Sheet.

Your child should bring a reading book and reading diary home with them everyday and we encourage them to read as much as possible. To develop comprehension skills, it would be useful if you could read with your child two or three times a week and question them about what they have read. Please sign the reading diary when you have worked with your child. We encourage the children to take responsibility for also entering their own comments and making a note of tricky words they have read. There is a space for this in their reading diaries. This term, for our reading challenge, all the children are trying to read their way around the British Empire. Once they have read for 3x20 minutes they can move a space on the map.

Your child should bring a list of spellings home with them on a Monday. They are tested on these words the following Monday so please ensure they practise the words at home and have their spelling books in school every Monday. A good way of practising spellings is by using: look, say, cover, write, check- reading the word, saying the word, covering it and then having a go at writing it. The most effective way of learning information is to practise little and often- learning spellings for a chunk of time just before a test proves to be ineffective when transferring to long term memory, so the more they are practised, the more likely they are to stick!

Homework is given to your child every other Monday and children are given nearly two weeks to complete this. It should be returned on a Thursday. Homework is set in a menu format where there are a number of optional activities to complete. Homework that is expected to be completed by everyone is as follows: spellings, learning of tables,/key number facts and reading.

Times Tables
Please continue to encourage your child to learn their times tables. Knowing them really helps in many aspects of maths. They are tested on their times table knowledge regularly. This includes knowing the division facts that relate to the multiplication. Your child should know what their target table is- we also practise this regularly in school. Ask them about the 'Wipe-out' method for learning tables! (Information on homework sheet). In addition, children will bring 'Learn-it' and CLIC sheets home every week. These show how much progress your child is making on learning their tables,number facts and calculation. Please encourage your child to spend time going over aspects of these sheets that they find challenging as this will really improve their understanding.

P.E. is usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school at all times as we often have specialist teachers that visit on different days which involves extra P.E.!

Residential Trip

For the last two years, we have run a very successful 2 day, 1 night, residential visit to Escot Park near Exeter. Have a look at the photos on the archived page from last year. Due to changes at Escot, this year we have found another provider, Wildwise who can provide the children with an equally memorable experience. Look out for letters that explain more about this proposed activity.


And finally...

If you we can help in any way, or if you have any concerns about your child, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of our team.


We hope your child(ren) really enjoy Year 5!

Radford park/Hooe lake

Radford park/Hooe lake 1
Radford park/Hooe lake 2
Radford park/Hooe lake 3
Radford park/Hooe lake 4
Radford park/Hooe lake 5
Radford park/Hooe lake 6
Radford park/Hooe lake 7
Radford park/Hooe lake 8
Radford park/Hooe lake 9
Radford park/Hooe lake 10
Radford park/Hooe lake 11
Radford park/Hooe lake 12
Radford park/Hooe lake 13
Radford park/Hooe lake 14
Radford park/Hooe lake 15
Radford park/Hooe lake 16
Radford park/Hooe lake 17
Radford park/Hooe lake 18
Radford park/Hooe lake 19
Radford park/Hooe lake 20
Radford park/Hooe lake 21

Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6
Science Week 7
Science Week 8
Science Week 9
Science Week 10
Science Week 11
Science Week 12
Science Week 13
Science Week 14
Science Week 15
Science Week 16
Science Week 17
Science Week 18
Science Week 19
Science Week 20
Science Week 21
Science Week 22
Science Week 23
Science Week 24
Science Week 25
Science Week 26
Science Week 27
Science Week 28
Science Week 29

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 1
Table Tennis 2
Table Tennis 3
Table Tennis 4
Table Tennis 5
Table Tennis 6
Table Tennis 7
Table Tennis 8
Table Tennis 9
Table Tennis 10
Table Tennis 11
Table Tennis 12

Fire Safety

Fire Safety  1
Fire Safety  2
Fire Safety  3
Fire Safety  4
Fire Safety  5


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4
Science 5
Science 6
Science 7
Science 8
Science 9
Science 10
Science 11
Science 12


Gymnastics 1
Gymnastics 2
Gymnastics 3
Gymnastics 4
Gymnastics 5
Gymnastics 6
Gymnastics 7
Gymnastics 8
Gymnastics 9
Gymnastics 10
Gymnastics 11
Gymnastics 12
Gymnastics 13


Cooking  1
Cooking  2
Cooking  3
Cooking  4
Cooking  5
Cooking  6
Cooking  7

Morwellham Quay

Morwellham Quay 1
Morwellham Quay 2
Morwellham Quay 3
Morwellham Quay 4
Morwellham Quay 5
Morwellham Quay 6
Morwellham Quay 7
Morwellham Quay 8
Morwellham Quay 9
Morwellham Quay 10
Morwellham Quay 11
Morwellham Quay 12
Morwellham Quay 13
Morwellham Quay 14
Morwellham Quay 15
Morwellham Quay 16
Morwellham Quay 17
Morwellham Quay 18
Morwellham Quay 19
Morwellham Quay 20
Morwellham Quay 21
Morwellham Quay 22
Morwellham Quay 23
Morwellham Quay 24
Morwellham Quay 25
Morwellham Quay 26
Morwellham Quay 27
Morwellham Quay 28
Morwellham Quay 29
Morwellham Quay 30
Morwellham Quay 31
Morwellham Quay 32
Morwellham Quay 33
Morwellham Quay 34
Morwellham Quay 35

Victorian houses

Victorian houses  1
Victorian houses  2
Victorian houses  3
Victorian houses  4
Victorian houses  5
Victorian houses  6
Victorian houses  7
Victorian houses  8
Victorian houses  9
Victorian houses  10
Victorian houses  11
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Christmas cakes

Christmas cakes 1
Christmas cakes 2
Christmas cakes 3
Christmas cakes 4
Christmas cakes 5
Christmas cakes 6
Christmas cakes 7
Christmas cakes 8
Christmas cakes 9
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