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Pomphlett Primary School

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11th Jan '21 Week Two

Hello Year 6,


Welcome to the first (proper) week of home learning. The Year 6 staff have been very impressed with your enthusiasm and efforts last week, in completing the New Year, New Start activities. 


This week, we are following more of a school-day structure to help you, and your parents, to organise your day. It's important to work hard at the daily lessons; it's also important to include other enjoyable activities of your own, such as Lego, art, reading, cycling, etc. 


We have included many video clips, which will support the learning activity. However, you can still contact us via Seesaw if you need help with a question. Simply post a note on your journal and we will see it.  If you are getting through all of the work and you'd like more to do, let us know.


Even though you will have looked at the resources on Friday, please contact us if you still need support with anything. 


You might remember from previous home learning that to use the blue hyperlinks on the planning you will need to open the Word copy and use Ctrl and click to access the links.


Finally, one of us from the Year 6 team will telephone you each week to see how you are managing. This will be a good time to ask any questions or share some of your best moments in the week. We are looking forward to speaking to you and your parents.


Have a wonderful week - work hard and do your best.


Mrs Skuse, Mr Sargeant and Mrs Jones

This week's home learning timetable

This week's home learning timetable printable