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Pomphlett Primary School – PE and Sport Funding 2014 – 15


Number of pupils and PE funding 2014-15

Total number of pupils on roll


Total amount of PE and Sport Funding 2014-15



Summary of spending.

1.      Funding has been used to buy into the Plymouth School Sports Partnership (£7000). This provided support for both staff and pupils in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs, as well as providing opportunities for pupils to take part in inter school competitions.


Curricular Support


·         Foundation – Spring/Summer term - Todd Hannrahan (balanceability)

·         Year 1 – Hazel Gilespie (Zumba)

·         Year 2 – Mrs Honeywill (Gym, Tennis)

·         Year 3 – Gary Williams (Football)

·         Year 4 – Swimming

·         Year 5 – Mrs Honeywill (Gym, Games)

·         Year 6 – Gary Williams (Football)


Extra-Curricular Support


·         Gilly Ellis (Dance/Cheer dance)

·         Raiders Basketball

·         4Life Martial Arts




·         Please see separate, updated list.




·         Play leaders training took place in September 2014 for all pupils in Year 5. This enabled pupils to introduce and co-ordinate games for other pupils during break and lunchtimes.

·         The PE Coordinator and Foundation Leader attended the Primary PE Conference to gain updates on PE provision, best practice, Indoor Rowing and Balanceability


2. Year 6 Children took part in the Bronze Ambassadors Leadership course to enable them to lead sporting activities across the school.


3. High Quality Coaches were used to support our Sport and Health Week in the Summer Term.


·         Plymouth Raiders Basketball (£126)

·         Tennis MAD (£360)

·         Year 6 OAA Activity Day (£260)

·         Premier Sport (£150)

·         Sport 4 Schools Olympic Athlete (£306)


4. Change 4 Life clubs have been provided to encourage more active lifestyles. These children have also attend festivals to encourage participation with other children.

5. Sports Kit for those children involved in school representation for athletics was purchased (£500)

6. An orienteering map of Pomphlett was created for extension of our OAA provision (£210)