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Pomphlett Primary School – PE and Sport Funding 2017-18


Number of pupils and PE funding 2017-18

Total number of pupils on roll


Total amount of PE and Sport Funding 2016-17



Summary of spending

  1. Membership of the Plymouth School Sports Partnership (£3500) This provides access to curricular support, Level 2 and 3 festivals, CPD for staff, leadership opportunities for pupils, Change4Life and other after school clubs.

  2. All classes have curriculum support and CPD provision, as well as the children having high quality PE Provision provided by

- Table Tennis England KS2 (£600)

- Funtrition/Playtrition for Foundation and Year 1 by Premier Sport (£1000) This involves healthy living/lifestyles/fitness education.

- Dance, Gym, Invasion Games, Paralympic Sport by Premier Sport all classes (£1500)

    3. We will provide a sports week for all pupils, including a range of different sporting activities to promote active lifestyles.

- Premier Sport x2 days coaching (Archery, Fencing) £300

- Swim safe training Year 6 (£116)

- Mount Edgecumbe OAA Day Year 6 (£320)

- Team Rubicon x2 day Skateability (£500)

  4. We will pay for transport to more and better events run by PSSP (£250)

  5. We have invested in sports equipment to accommodate our expanding school size (doubling classes) (£3500)

  6. We will pay for entry fees to non-PSSP events/leagues (£100)

  7. We have supported our more able sporting pupils in attending events and competitions (£37.50)

  8. We have invested in Maths of the Day resources and training to encourage pupils to have active learning in lessons throughout the day. (£495)

  9. We have invested in a banner and new sports kit for our teams in order to promote pride and team spirit at our external events. (£784.50)

  10.We have provided healthy activity days, which have promoted active lunchtimes and a love of non-competitive sports through Skipping Workshops for the whole school. (£280)

  11.We have become members of the Youth Sports Trust and used our membership to gain access to CPD for our Sports Coordinator. She had attended workshops on active learning throughout the day and budgeting for Sports Funding. (£50)


The impact of the funding

Being part of PSSP allows more opportunities for our pupils to be part of a wider sporting network. They will have access to inter-school competitions, allowing more pupils to participate in competitive sport. Staff will benefit from the CPD (by both the PSSP and external providers) by being more skilled and confident in their delivery of a variety of sports. This will then impact on the future teaching of children and enable us to provide a higher quality of PE in the longer term. Through investment in skipping equipment and workshops, younger children will have the benefit of engaging activities at break and lunchtimes, encouraging active lifestyles. All children will have the opportunity to experience new sports through our health week and learn the benefits of regular physical activity and active lifestyles. The new sports will encourage children who do not enjoy the more common competitive games to focus on physical activity in a different way. The older pupils will have the opportunity to develop their team building skills as well as learning water safety through the OAA and Swim Safe programmes. These teach important life lessons, such as cooperation, determination, sportsmanship and communication, that will aid these pupils in their later lives. The purchasing of further sports equipment will benefit the expanding nature of our school as we double in size. Children will not have to share equipment, therefore the emphasis on lessons can be active learning rather than have to wait longer between turns. The purchasing of Maths of the Day scheme encourages staff to promote active learning across the day rather than only in PE lessons. This will aid those children who struggle to be active more regularly.



In order to be sustainable if sports funding were to be removed, our after school sports clubs are being paid for by participating children. Regular reviews are held to see if clubs are maintaining numbers, or if there are interests in new activities that have be offered during sports weeks to keep interest high. Sports coaches that are bought in through SSF provide CPD for the observing teachers so that they can teach the unit of work the following year without the need for funding. We ensure all staff receive equal support throughout the year to allow for a breadth of training to take place and upskill the staff involved to 'future proof' the curriculum. Sports equipment is being purchased so that a wide range of sports can be taught into the future to a new generation of sportsmen and women.



Swimming currently takes place through an intensive course in Year 4, with top ups available in Summer Term Year 6 for those pupils who did not achieve the 25m expectation.

Children in Year 6 who have achieved 25m – 29/32