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Democracy in Foundation

Democracy in Foundation.


Foundation Stage have been discussing the General Election. As part of this, we have been voting for a new leader across the classes.

A child from each colour team had the opportunity to put their campaign forward and share what they would change or what they would make each member of Foundation do.


The first campaigns were for:

Picture 1


  • A shorter playtime, so they didn't get so cold on the playground,
  • Everybody must paint a picture of their choice,
  • Everybody must draw a picture of the Queen (the teachers!),
  • Having snack early. 

The children voted and the results were in...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Everybody must draw a picture of the Queen. 

Picture 1

The second campaigners put their suggestions forward.


Picture 1

They were campaigning for:

Having a longer playtime,

Everybody reading and looking at library books,

Changing the class maths time to story time,

Watching Waffle Doggy.


The children all voted and the results were in... 

Picture 1
The winning vote was for Waffle Doggy. So after playtime, they all settled down for a quick viewing of waffle doggy. 
Picture 1

For the third and final vote of the day, the children could vote for:

Playing Duck, Duck Goose in the classroom after lunch,

Having a longer lunchtime play,

Share a story with a friend,

Everyone to paint a picture. 


The children voted and the votes were in...

Picture 1
Picture 2

They voted for a longer playtime.


The children really enjoyed voting for the leaders. They showed great listening and understanding when listening to the different campaigners and when placing their votes.