Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

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Welcome to Foundation Stage!




This will be an exciting and challenging term for the Foundation children as they make new friends, settle into routines and access exciting new activities both indoors and outdoors. This term FS will be embarking on our 'All About Me' topic where we are sure that the children will enjoy talking about themselves and their families, their favourite things and ways that we have changed over the years!


Your child will always have a reading book and a library book. It would be amazing if you could read with your child at home and talk about what happens in their books together (about 5 mins a night would be fantastic). Your child's reading books will be changed every Monday and Thursday and their library books changed every Monday. Each week they will receive a list of words that include sounds that we have covered in our phonics sessions. It would be great if you could practise reading them with your child by looking at each sound and blending them together.

Homework will be given every other Thursday.They can choose from a selection of short and fun tasks which will consist of work we have been learning in class. The children can complete as many of the written and practical sections as they like, which you can carry out together.   


Take a look below for links to some childrens websites. Playing these games will help to build upon your child's fine motor skills as well as being fun!

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to come and speak to me.
Mrs Marinou