Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

Believe - achieve - succeed


The grammar group are made up of pupils that have successfully completed all 6 phonics phases. They will work through sentence level skills using the IXL website to give personalised learning feedback.

Grammar Group Session Focus


Monday 27th April - Sentences - Section L


Wednesday 29th April - Adjectives - Section Q


Monday 4th May - Capitalisation - Section U


Wednesday 6th May - Contractions - Section T


Monday 11th May - Nouns - Section M (Do not try and do all of the section it's huge! We will revisit later!)


Wednesday 13th May - Alphabetical Order - Section V


Monday 18th May - Pronouns - Section N


Wednesday 20th May - Word Meanings - Section W


Monday 1st June - Prepositions - Section R


Wednesday 3rd June - Transitions and Sequence - Section S


Monday 8th June - Articles - Section P


Wednesday 10th June - Verbs - Section O (Do not try and do all of the section it's huge! We will revisit later!)


Monday 15th June - Sight Words - Section K


Wednesday 17th June - Literacy Skills - Section X


Monday 22nd June - Syllables - Section J


Wednesday 24th June - Nouns - Section M (continue from your previous point)


Monday 29th June - Word Meanings - Section W (aim to achieve 100 in all sections)


Wednesday 1st July - Verbs - Section O (continue from your previous point)


From Monday 6th July until the end of term - Work through any sections that you have not completed with the aim of getting 100 scores on them all. Remember to revise sections A - I which work through the Phase 5/6 sounds. In September you will move onto the Year 3 section.