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Making Shadufs

As part of our Out of Africa unit of work we looked at the River Nile and the machines the Ancient Egyptians built to help them to irrigate their fields. We made models of the 'shaduf' to help us understand how these worked. 


First we thought about our design criteria and what we wanted our models to be able to do and investigated how levers work. Then we designed our shadufs by looking at photos and diagrams from Egypt and what materials we would have available to us. 


We used saws to cut all our pieces of wood to size and drilled holesfor the dowel to sit in. Then we attached the pieces of wood together using reinforcing triangles and glue. Then we assembled our Shadufs using square lashings to hold our bar onto the fulcrum and simple knots to hold our buckets on. 


Once our shadufs were assembled we tested them and evaluated them against our design criteria! 


Here are some our evaluation comments:


Lexi: I would measure the string next time so that I could tie it on better so that it carries as much water as our plan said it should.


Diana: The gluing of my shaduf went well because I was careful


Finlay: Tying the knots and lashing the string was hard but George and Harrison helped me.


Elisheba: I used the saw to cut my wood really well.


Jack: Tying the knows was hard so I got soem help from Lexi


Callum: Tying the string was a challenge but I overcame this by Miss Davidson showing me again.


Tallulah: I liked tying the string on and I liked helping Isaac to do this.


Isaac: Cutting the wood went really well!