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Mon 1st Feb - Fri 5th Feb

Hello Year 2 and welcome to another week of home learning. You've all been working so hard and we have been incredibly impressed with your perseverance, determination and hard work over the last few weeks. We understand how hard it can be to do your work from home and how many of you are missing friends and family. Keep up the good work and remember to take care of those around you.


Children's Mental Health Week 1st-7th February


The theme of Children's Mental Health Week this year is 'Express Yourself'. The aim is to encourage children to express themselves in a variety of ways. For example, expressing yourself can be about sharing your feelings, thoughts and ideas through creativity. You may want to express how you feel through a piece of artwork or writing.

An important part of this theme is that expressing yourself doesn't mean that you're the best at something. It's all about finding a way to show other people who you are and how you feel.

Expressing yourself in a way that's unique to you is a great way to improve mental well being.

See below in the Monday section for a link to some activities.

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