Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

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Phase 6

By Phase 6, children should be able to read hundreds of words using one of three strategies: reading them automatically, decoding them quickly and silently or decoding them aloud.

They will also learn;

  • Prefixes and suffixes, e.g. ‘in-’ and ‘-ed’
  • The past tense
  • Memory strategies for high frequency or topic words
  • Proof-reading
  • How to use a dictionary
  • Where to put the apostrophe in words like ‘I’m’
  • Spelling rules

From Mon 6th July

We have now been through all areas covered in Phase 6. Now it's your chance to go back and revise any areas that you have found tricky from the PowerPoints above, or follow the link below to try out your Phase 6 knowledge on any of the spelling games. There are also some revision worksheets and booklets to have a go at below. Well done you phonics superstars!