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Pupil Behaviour and Conduct

The school places a high value on the good conduct of its pupils and we are proud to receive many compliments from visitors to the school and from the places our pupils visit. We have a positive and consistent approach to the promotion of good behaviour which is explained below. Our behaviour policy can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

In the first instance, staff seek to encourage positive behaviour. Staff model good behaviour themselves and will praise and reward children who are also models of good behaviour. They are also likely to award team points or one of their own individual class rewards, such as a 'Star of the Day.' In addition, instances of positive learning may be rewarded with a 'Outstanding Learner' award, given weekly to one child in each class. Where a child has done something particular which has upheld the values of the school, they may be given a 'Superstar' award. Both of these awards comes with a trophy which the child can take home for the following week. 

Pupils will receive warnings for minor instances of poor behaviour which may result in a child's name being written on the classroom board. Repeated instances will result in that child being given time out of the classroom and/or being sent to the Deputy Headteacher. Continuing poor behaviour may result in the child losing priviledges (such as being kept in at breaktimes) or being sent to the Headteacher. Depending on the nature of the poor behaviour, parents may also be informed or be asked to come into school to discuss the matter.

Staff will not necessarily tell parents about every instance of poor behaviour that occurs. We believe that it is our job to educate a child into good habits of learning and social behaviour and that they should be allowed the opportunity to correct themselves without additional pressure from home. However, we will inform parents if we judge the behaviour concerning enough to require parental involvement.

Serious instances of bullying, violence or unruliness may result in the child being 'booked.' This involves the child's name and details of the incident being entered into the school's Serious Incidents file. The child will then lose the next two breaktimes, receive a reprimand from a senior member of staff and a letter is sent home to parents explaining what has happened. Repeated instances of similar behaviour will result in a similar punishment and parents being required to come into school to discuss matters with the Headteacher in more detail. A Behaviour Improvement Plan would also be drawn up at this point which coud involve outside agencies. Further such occurrences could result in a temporary, or ultimately, a permament exclusion from school.