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School Development Plan


We continually monitor and evaluate the quality of what we do in school and identify what needs to be done to ensure Pomphlett is a continually improving school. To do this, we ask the opinion of as many groups as possible – including pupils, parents, staff, teachers and governors as well as independent education consultants. We create an improvement plan every year which helps us to communicate what we intend to improve, and how we will go about it.

School Development Plan 2019-2020
The overall strategic aim of the current plan is to move the school from an Ofsted judgement of “Good” to one of “Outstanding.” To achieve this, outstanding pupil achievement outcomes need to be maintained and the quality of teaching and learning needs to be consistently outstanding. We also need to implement our new curriculum and monitor the impact of this.
Quality of Education    
The quality of education in an Outstanding school must be exceptional. Implementing our newly designed curriculum is a major priority this year. In order to evaluate its impact, we need to monitor its implementation and make adjustments to it if necessary. We will also be developing assessment techniques in foundation subjects so as to track progress. Wealso aim to improve both progress and attainment in writing in both Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. 

Behaviour and Attitudes
We have high expectations for pupils' behaviour and attitude.This year we aim to improve pupils' attendance to ensure our school attendance is above national average percentages. We will focus particularly on groups of pupils and individuals whose attendance is a cause for concern. As well as attendance, we intend to develop pupils' positive attitudes to their education through our new and improved curriculum.
Personal Development     
For children to be able to engage confidently in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, they will need to have strong values and a good awareness of the nature of that world. We will continue to develop children's understanding of how to look after themselves mentally and physically and keep themselves safe through our PSHCE curriculum. Teaching will develop the values our pupils need in order to be confident, resilient and independent as well as developing their strength of character.
Leadership and Management
Continuing improvements in the organisation of the school to improve efficiency and effectiveness, especially where these relate to systems and human, physical and financial resources, will enable the school respond to change better as an organisation, leading to more successful school development work. The school has undergone changes in senior leadership in recent times and we aim to develop this new leadership structure, whilst maintaining the school's ethos and values.


Quality of Education in the Early Years

We aim to provide children in EYFS a curriculum which provides no limits or barriers to the children's achievements. We will continue to develop strategies to build a wide and varied rnge of vocabulary and encourage a strong partnership with parents to further engage them in developing reading skills. We also aim to target areas of potential knowledge deprivation across the Early Years, focussing on transition points.