Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

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Science Week in Year 1 17.0314-21.03.14

Take a look at Year 1's science themed fancy dress, our class experiments and our inventions.
Dr Milton-Gorvie
Who is that crazy chicken???
Our very serious scientist!!!
We love the wig George
Science Buddies
Year 1 Nurses
First, get the coke and mentos
Then add the mentos to the coke
Finally Boom
Incredible invention competition
designing a bike
Cameron the Inventor
thinking time on what to design
Incredible invention competition
creating static snakes
Snake charming in Year 1
Charming the snake making static electricity
Jack the snake charmer
Static snakes
Air pressure experiments
Using air pressure to stab a potato
Nobody can read our writing
writing with lemon juice
invisible writing