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History: Stone Age Settlements September 2020

As part of our 'Welcome to the Stone Age!' unit, the pupils of Year Three have been learning about the Palaeolithic era of history and how humanity developed as hunter-gatherers to find food and survive. As our ancestors couldn’t always find a cave to dwell in, they developed the concept of tents, made with long branches, sinew as rope and animal skins as a waterproof cover. The children designed and built their own scaled down version of these Paleolithic tents, using skills such as tying, geometry to ensure their legs would support the structure, cutting and gluing work and finally, a lot of resilience as they had to use a series of trial and error to get their structure right! All our pupils enjoyed the learning and are very sure that if they had to build a full sized tent like in the Stone-age, they would be able to do it!