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Uniform & PE Kit

We are proud of our school uniform.  We feel it is smart and gives our children a sense of family identity.  We like children to wear school uniform at all times. Our uniform is:

Sweatshirt: Red school sweatshirt with school logo

Knitted cardigan : Red with or without the school logo

Trousers (not leggings), skirt, pinafore: Black

Summer dress: Red and white gingham

Shorts: Black shorts

Tights: Black only

Socks:  White or Black only

Shirt/polo shirt: White with or without the school logo

Footwear: Smart, sensible black shoes (no heels, boots or open toed sandals please)


Reasonably priced logo'd uniform is available to buy through - (or search online for ‘Mapac find your school’)


We positively discourage non-uniform being worn, and will contact parents to encourage it’s use (as would happen at secondary schools for instance).  This is especially true of sweatshirts.  


We ask that children wear their PE kit to school on their Year Group's allocated days.


Your child will need the following kit:

·         Black shorts

·         White T-shirt *

·         A pair of trainers exclusively for use in P.E.

*    The distinctive white school T-shirt with special black motif is the recommended P.E. kit and is also available to buy through



(Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)


KS2 children require an outdoor games kit which should include:


·         A tracksuit to wear over their P.E. kit (no brightly coloured or other named brands please)

·         Sensible trainers.

          In the summer, the PE kit can be worn outside for athletic activities.




  • Everyday school clothing and footwear must NOT be worn for Games and PE.


  • Every item of clothing and kit must be clearly name tagged.


  • An outside waterproof coat must be brought to school at all times, even in the summer months.  This is due to our weather being unpredictable at times, and, during showery periods, the children will still play outside at break times.


  • Jewellery - the only jewellery which is acceptable is one pair of small stud earings.


  • Hair - small hair accessories are permitted but they must be in school colours of red, white or black.  Parents should also be mindful of avoiding hairstyles that are overly "fashionable" or the latest craze amongst celebrities, eg mohawks, tramlines etc, are NOT appropriate for school.


  • Other - false nails or nail extensions of any description and coloured nail polish are not permitted.


  • Please note we do reserve the right to suggest that an item of clothing is unsuitable wear for school.  Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.