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Pomphlett Primary School

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Visit to Torquay Museum 24.01.2020

As an introduction to their new topic, Year 3 spent the day at Torquay Museum finding out all about life in Ancient Egypt! We took part in a variety of activities, including learning how to write our names in hieroglyphics, making scarab beetles, dressing up in traditional clothing and building a 3D pyramid! We also met and learnt about a very special resident of Torquay Museum, Psamtek the child mummy. 


In addition to learning about Ancient Egypt, we got to explore the rest of the exhibitions in the museum. The children were very excited about the Stone Age area and we were really impressed with how many connections they made with our previous learning in the autumn term! 


It was a great day and Miss Davidson was really proud to hear from the education officers at the museum that the Pomphlett children had asked some of the most thoughtful and inquisitive questions they had ever had! Well done Year 3!