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Week 3: 18.01.20

Dear Year 5,

Firstly, very well done indeed for all your learning last week. We were SO impressed. This week, your learning continues using a timetable with a mixture of activities across the week. It may look like we have posted a lot of activities for you to complete in maths but please do not be put off by this. We have tried to provide a range of activities as you are all at different stages in your maths learning and when you are learning rounding you need to understand one step before moving onto the next, so please start off with the part of the lesson that suits you most. You will know if you have chosen the right place to start if it feels like a bit of a challenge, but not too difficult (and not too easy either)! Please ask if you need some guidance.


Please remember that MyMaths (which we have used for homework since September) is there as a resource for you to check any maths understanding. It is really useful to use alongside ICDM (Mental Arithmetic) as you can search for the area of maths you are finding tricky and then follow the lesson. This resource teaches maths the way that we do in school so if you need to check a method it is really useful.


Our English lessons continue with Whale Rider, more handwriting to practise, some grammar and our class reader. Remember, you can also keep your own journal, like Michael's Ship's Log in Kensuke's Kingdom.


There are a range or World Studies activities to complete as well which we hope that you will enjoy.


Remember to message us if there is anything at all that you need help with.


We miss you Year 5 but are very proud of you.


Bye for now!


Mrs Nicholls and Miss Shaw







Timetable - open the Word document below the picture to click on the hyperlinks.

Kensuke's Kingdom- Chapter 3

Urgent Message regarding Monday afternoon's learning - due to a technical issue with the audio on the world studies powerpoint, please complete Thursday's RE work or Friday's French lesson instead. We are working to have this fixed by tomorrow.

World Studies - Lesson 2 I've had to split the powerpoint into 2 as the file was too large!

Friday Arithmetic Test