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Week 5: 01.02.21

Dear Year 5,

Well done for completing another week's home learning. We hope that you managed to relax this weekend with your families.


Well done to those of you who are joining in with the morning exercise. This is not just good for your fitness, but great for your mind as well. We have included something new for Tuesday and Thursday morning called GoNoodle. We hope you enjoy it. Below the timetable there is some information on how to access the family app from home if you would like to explore it further. It has lots of workouts, mindfulness activities and loads more.


This week, we will complete our English block on Whale Rider. You will see that at the end of the week you will have the chance to publish your work; we hope that you enjoy this.


Also, from the 1-7th February it is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, so you will see that on your timetable we have planned in some daily activities linked to this year's theme which is, 'Express Yourself'. We could see how much you enjoyed seeing each other last Friday and therefore thought it would be lovely to catch up again. So, we have planned a class catch up session on Wednesday 3rd February, after P.E with Joe, at 9.40 am and will email you the zoom link. We look forward to seeing you then!


You will also notice that on the timetable this week, there are no daily handwriting sessions because we would like you to apply what you have learned in your publication of your Whale Rider story. We will award pen licences for those of you who are consistently presenting your work to a very high standard.


Also, just a reminder that each week you should log on to Big Maths and complete your Learn-its, CLIC and SAFE challenges. You all have your log ins, but if you have any issues please do get in touch. We are aware that many of you are completing the challenges already so very well done, but if you haven't had the chance to begin yet, please could you do so next week. We'll then be in touch if we see that you haven't been able to access the challenges. 


Finally, a very well done for posting lots of fantastic work on Seesaw. If you are working at home and haven't posted much yet, please could you try to do so as this is the main way that we can see how much you are learning. As a minimum, please could you post at least one example of English, Maths, World Studies and Handwriting each week. If you are having technical issues with Seesaw, please let us know and we will help- we understand exactly what that's like!


That's it from us Year 5. Have a great week.


Best wishes,

Mrs Nicholls, Miss Shaw and Miss Biggs

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