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Week 5: 20.04.20

Well done for all your home learning last week Year 5. You achieved a huge amount and it's great to see your learning on Seesaw. If you haven't managed to access this app yet, please do so if you possibly can as it's a great way for us to keep in touch with you and we love seeing what you have been doing.


Please do try and complete your Beat That challenges each week and your ICDM (Mental Arithmetic), reading, spellings and handwriting as a priority. Well done with the creativity that you have used in all your learning activities. We saw some fantastic performances of The Sea poem, great text maps and very well designed Roman roads ( to name a few). Keep going with everything that you are doing- we can see that you are doing your very best and are very proud of you.


Have a great week,

Mrs Nicholls and Miss Shaw

Home Learning Grid 20.04.20

English: poetry writing instructions

Below, you will find three documents. Use the first to analyse the poem so that you understand what word classes are being used (this is a good piece of grammar revision as well).


Next, read the example poem. This shows how you can use the structure of the poem to write your own version. You may want to complete a little bit more of background research if you are not sure how the Anglo-Saxons invaded before attempting to write your poem. Once you are confident about this, choose an animal that you would like to compare to an Anglo-Saxon Warrior. You may want to draw the warrior and animal to get a really good idea of how they look and how you could compare them. You could label your drawings with vocabulary that you could use in your own poem. Use a dictionary and thesaurus to spell words correctly and to extend your vocabulary.


After that, use the template to help structure your own poem. You will probably want to try out different vocabulary and ideas until you are happy with the results. Then you can write out and illustrate a presentation copy. Perhaps complete this on a computer using a program like word or publisher. When you have completed your poem, why not perform your own version.


You can add all the stages above to Seesaw- maybe try a stage each day- work in which way suits you best. We look forward to reading and viewing your finished poem.

Reading Comprehension - Dragon Poem