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Week 6: 27.04.20

Hello Year 5,

Welcome to another week; we hope that you had a good weekend.

This week, you will notice that the grid is colour coded. This is so that you can prioritise your learning. Now that we have been at home quite a few weeks we wanted to give you a little bit more guidance so that you know which learning is the most important to complete first.


By the end of the week, try and complete all of the red learning. Try and work on some of it every day. This work focuses on keeping your English and maths skills ticking over and developing so that you don't forget what we have covered so far in school and so that you can continue to build on your skills.


Next, focus on the green activities, and finally, the purple.


Wherever possible, please upload your learning onto Seesaw- you are getting really good at doing this- well done!


Please do get in touch if you would like further guidance.


Best wishes and have a good week!

Mrs Nicholls and Miss Shaw

Word document of the learning grid

English: Beowulf

Below is a simple version of the Beowulf text. After checking with your parents, don't forget to use the video link (from the home learning grid) to give you an insight into Anglo-Saxon life at the time that Beowulf was written. You may also like watching some videos on how artists create cartoon strips- there are lots to view on the internet, but again, please make sure a parent has checked your viewing first.


When you have read the Beowulf text, create a cartoon version of it. You will be using this next week to create your own monster story, so you may like to try and learn the Beowulf story in the way that you learned the poem, The Sea so that you become very familiar with Beowulf's structure.


If you are interested you might want to investigate the Beowulf story further