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Week 8: 11.05.20

Hello Year Five,

Welcome to this week's learning. We hope that you all managed to enjoy the V.E. day celebrations in some way.

Well done for all the effort you put into the activities posted last week; keep posting on Seesaw- we are looking forward to seeing some great monster stories!


Please continue to work through the grid using the colour coding and don't forget to complete all of the Beat That challenges. Remember that PDF versions of these (so that you can practise or complete on paper) are on the school website under the curriculum tab and maths. This week, we have not added any of the additional maths and English activities as we think we have been providing you with more than enough to work through. However, if you do feel that you need anything extra then please do get in touch through Seesaw.


Have a great week's learning,

Mrs Nicholls and Miss Shaw

Home Learning Grid Week 8

Home Learning Grid wk beg 11.05.20

English Activity 1: Monster Story Plan

English Activity 2: Reading Extract from Beowulf

This extract will be on Seesaw from Monday. Read it carefully and look at the kind of story language that has been used. You'll see that there is information about how to pronounce some of the names in the story. You may want to create something similar for your own story.  Practise reading a section of the extract and record yourself doing this and upload onto Seesaw.

English Activity 3: Writing Your Story

Comprehension - King Arthur

Outer maths - translating shapes