Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

Believe - achieve - succeed

Year 4

Tuesday 30th January, CPR training with Heartbeatz Uk

Carved Pumpkin Competition

WW2 visit from Steve Manning and Colonel Trotter!

Comparing adult and child gas masks.
A baby's Gas mask!
Meet Colonel Trotter, our local ARP Warden.
Examining a child's Gas Mask.
Examining an adult Gas mask.
What's the pump for?
An air raid clacker!

Electric windmills!

Electricity! In Science, Year 4 have been worked in groups to make an electrical circuit! Ask them how they did it!

Success at last!
A change of clips...and it works!
A circuit with a switch!
Well done girls!
Great team work and a working circuit!
Great teamwork!
Heads down!
The first group to light up the bulb!
A cheeky-but clever-electric buzzer!