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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Pomphlett Primary School aims to be 'an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject'. The aim to teach children 'a broad range of subject knowledge' which draws 'on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art' is central to our teaching of D&T.

Research and experimentation of a range of materials and textiles allows children to explore ideas with the aim to design 'purposeful and functional products'. They are able to apply this technical knowledge through research and exploration of products and structures to develop their ideas, working collaboratively to explore, critique and develop their own and others creations. The children have time to continually evaluate their work, allowing time to amend projects and build on their knowledge and understanding of technical skills in a range of contexts. This also progresses to incorporate the use of computer aided design.

Aligned with our school ethos of healthy living, we teach the importance of a nutritional diet and healthy lifestyle. Cooking activities are embedded into topic based year group learning as well as whole school enrichment weeks for sports and culture where the children will explore food from around the world; and understand its origins and seasonality. We believe that understanding how to prepare and cook food, and the importance of hygiene as well as a balanced diet, is a crucial life skill.

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