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Des Walsh  

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Finance, Premises


Claire Makelis


Deputy Headteacher, Year 6, Academic Standards, English, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead



Beccy Skuse




Year 6 & one-to-one intervention


Emma Nicholls




Assistant Headteacher, Year 5, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development, Mathematics

Shelley Luscombe 4 Year 4, Science, Modern British Values
Ellie Tighe 4 Year 4, Religious Education


Anthony Spamer



Information Technology Manager, Year 3, Computing

Sarah Jarvis



Sports Manager, Year 2 (2J), Physical Education and Games

Melanie Pring

2 Year 2 (2P)
Louise Galloway 1

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Year 1 (1G), Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, PSHE


Naomi Hodge




Year 1 (1HS), Geography, Eco Council

Rebecca Steward

1 Year 1 (1HS)

Bonnie Venning

Foundation  Foundation (FV), 


Alex Marinou


Foundation M

Early Years Foundation Stage Manager, Foundation (FM), Art and Design Technology
Catherine Stewart Preschool Preschool and Wraparound Care Manager, Preshcool Teacher


Picture 1 Mr Walsh, Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Marinou Foundation M
Picture 3 Miss Venning, Foundation V
Picture 4 Mrs Galloway, Year 1G
Picture 5 Mrs Hodge, Year 1HS
Picture 6 Mrs Jarvis, Year 2J
Picture 7 Mirs Pring, Year 2P
Picture 8 Mrs Luscombe, Year 4
Picture 9 Mrs Tighe, Year 4
Picture 10 Mr Spamer, Year 3
Picture 11 Mrs Nicholls, Year 5
Picture 12 Mrs Makelis, Deputy Headteacher and Year 6
Picture 13 Mrs Skuse, release cover for Deputy Headteacher
Picture 14 Mrs Steward, Year 1HS
Picture 15 Catherine Stewart, Pre School Teacher
  • Pomphlett Primary School,
  • Howard Road, Plymstock,
  • Plymouth, Devon, PL9 7ES