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All admissions to the school are handled by Plymouth City Council’s School Admissions Team. There are two ways for a child to join us:


Plymouth City Council conducts an admissions process in the autumn/winter of the school year before a child would start school for the first time the following September. This process normally closes in mid January. Applications can be completed online and full details can be accessed from the School Admissions page of the Plymouth City Council website, link below.
Children may need to move school for a variety of reasons and at differing times during the school year. They may have moved into Plymouth from another part of the country or abroad, moved from elsewhere in Plymouth or could perhaps be seeking a transfer of school for other reasons. If you are thinking about a transfer of school, you should first of all discuss the situation with your child and your child's teacher or Headteacher in their current school. It may be that any perceived difficulties can be resolved and schools have a number of strategies that can be put in place to assist a child who may have difficulty with peers or settling into a school or who is experiencing other problems. A change of school may only move a problem rather than resolve it. It is therefore much better to try to sort out any problems with the school before considering a transfer, particularly if your child is in a critical Year group such as Foundation or Year 6. The Schools Admissions team handle applications for our in-year admissions and the process can be carried out online via their website. However, we would strongly recommend that before completing an application for an in-year transfer, you follow the guidance given on their website.

With families needing to move house or parents having to move with their work (particularly Service families) our pupil numbers are liable to fluctuate and it is possible that places in a particular year group may become available.

All schools are different and we strongly believe that parents should choose a school which will be 'right' for their child. We don't hold special 'open days' or have mass tours for large groups of parents when everyone is on 'best' behaviour. Instead we are very happy to arrange a personal tour of the school during a normal school day to give parents a true and real 'feel' for what Pomphlett is like on a day to day basis. Only then will parents feel confident that they have chosen the best school for their child.

Plymouth School Admissions team can be contacted by telephone on 01752 307166


Our admission arrangement consultation for 2025/2026 will start on Monday 4 December 2023 to Monday 15 January 2024 for 6 weeks. The consultation is now open.

Download Admissions Policy for 2025/2026

Please find details below for Plymouth School Admissions team:

Telephone: 01752 307469 (line open 11am to 3pm)

The website at has information about applying for a place at a school, school appeals and the coordinated schemes of admission.