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Year 1

What to expect in Year One


Hi everyone! 


Our Year One classes will be taught by Mrs Marinou (1M) and Mr Spamer (1S). On a Wednesday 1S will be taught by Mrs Plant. The children will also be taught and supported by Mrs Lamerton in 1M and Mrs Hurst in 1S. We are all here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask; your happiness at school is very important to all of us.


Light touch learning and plenty of fun!


Leaving Foundation behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents. Your child’s Year 1 teacher is there to make this transition easier for everyone by supporting the children (and their parents!) in their next learning step.


Our school has provided two large interactive classrooms and an outside area for the pupil's continuous provision. The children will still be learning through play, they will still be exploring, discovering and making plenty of use both classrooms and outside. Over the course of this term we will gradually transition to a more setting classroom structure where they pupils will spend more time seated.


What will my child do in Year One? 


Your child will have left the EYFS behind in Foundation, although some goals may be carried on with them as they move into Year 1. This will be their first year of the National Curriculum.


Like all year groups, Year 1 has government statutory schemes of learning to follow. The children will be assessed at the end of the year to see if they have reached the expected standard. All children are supported in order to achieve this and are given extra support and guidance if needed.


There is a Year 1 phonics screening test in June, which helps your child’s teacher to identify if your child is secure in sounding out and blending graphemes. It also detects if they can read phonically decodable words. Don’t be worried about this test. Your child’s teacher will be assessing your child daily and will have identified any areas they need to focus on well before the test date.


Further really useful information for parents from Oxford Owl can be found here:


Here is some important information about your school week: 


Children will enter school through the door by the pirate ship.  When they leave school, it will be from the Year One door (Follow the path up from Foundation by another 20 metres!).


P.E days will be on a Monday and Friday until December 2021. No children should bring a PE kit to school. Please wear appropriate P.E kit to school on these days. Prepare for the sessions to be outdoors unless the weather does not allow for this. 


Daily Equipment


At the moment pupils should not bring a bag to school.


Every day, your child will just need to bring a water bottle, your packed lunch (if you are not having a school dinner). Snacks will still be provided by the school.


Reading Books

You will have one home reading book. These need to be brought back every Monday and Friday so the team can update the reading records and find another suitable book for your child to read.


Reading Practice

You should be reading every day at home (if possible) and, as a minimum, three times a week. Research into learning shows that the more that you develop your comprehension skills and understanding of vocabulary, the better you will do in school across the whole of the curriculum. Please do give reading the priority it needs and make sure you keep a list of, and look up, any tricky words you come across- there is a space in your reading diary to make a list of these.



Homework will be set in October, as this will give all pupils the opportunity to understand all the different ways of using the different learning platforms they have access to. Please check Seesaw (See below) for details. Children will be informed in school of the tasks and expectations. 


Seesaw App


You will shortly receive an invitation to the SEESAW app and login details for our class blog. Please follow the instructions. Feel free to comment on your child's work. Seesaw is a convenient way to contact your class teacher but please remember the reporting of illness or appointments should go through the office.


Finally, please do contact any of the Year One staff if there is anything that we can help with. You can pass on a message, reach out on Seesaw or grab a staff member on the door. We are here to support your child's learning journey in whatever way possible!


Best wishes,


The Year One Team


Year 1 Knowledge Organisers


The Year 1 knowledge organisers are to share your child's curriculum journey whilst in KS1.

At the start of each unit we will talk through the knowledge organiser, asking the children what information has sparked their interest, and if they have any questions.

Therefore, please view them to see what your child will be learning each term and what new skills they will be developing.

Useful links to use at home

Please use the links below to support home learning.

If you forget your passwords at anytime for My Maths or Numbots please let a member of the Year 1 team know so we can help.