Pomphlett Primary School

Pomphlett Primary School

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

This will be another exciting and challenging year for us! Our learning journey will continue to grow and develop as we all explore new learning opportunities and experiences together.

Our main priority will always be to ensure they have fun and enjoy their education and socialisation in Year 1, achieving their full potential.



Your child will have a reading book and diary sent home with them. These should be brought into school each day as they will be read with throughout the week. Please encourage your child to read at home and discuss their story or non-fiction text. Little and often really is the best option with 5-10 minutes every day being a great starting point. 


Homework will be given every other Friday. They can choose from a selection of short and fun tasks which will consist of work we have been learning in class. The children can complete as many of the written and practical sections as they like. Maths homework will be set using MyMaths online learning alongside Numbots online where your child can design their own robot to take on a mathematical journey.



Spellings will take place every Tuesday in 1HL and Thursday in 1G, so please make sure they have their spelling book in school on that day. Each child will have a different set of spellings linking to their Phonic Phase to support their learning in class.



PE is every Tuesday and Wednesday so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school.

PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to the Year 1 team.

Unfortunately in Year 1 the online Tapestry Journal does not continue but we are always happy to feedback to you on their learning and share their successes at any time, but please use this page as it will keep you updated with all the fun experiences that happen in Year 1.

Miss Galloway, Mrs Luscombe and Mrs Hodge

Year 1 Knowledge Organisers


The Year 1 knowledge organisers are to share your child's curriculum journey whilst in KS1.

At the start of each unit we will talk through the knowledge organiser, asking the children what information has sparked their interest, and if they have any questions.

Therefore, please view them to see what your child will be learning each term and what new skills they will be developing.

Useful links to use at home

Please use the links below to support home learning.

If you forget your passwords at anytime for My Maths or Numbots please let a member of the Year 1 team know so we can help.