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Learn-it Challenges

We're aware that there are some problems with completing your Big Maths Learn It challenges online on a phone or tablet. The website states that it is best if the challenges are completed on a computer or laptop although we realise this isn't always possible! To make sure you can still practise your Learn Its I will upload each week's set of Learn Its here. Simply select the week, select the level you are on and print them out and then mark. Once you have completed this, email your score for each section to your teacher (a photo of your sheet would be best!) on the home learning email account ir show hem using SEESAW and we will put your score on the system. If you are not experiencing issues with the online version then you can, of course, continue to use this.


Remember for your Learn Its, SAFE and CLIC challenges you need to get full marks three times in order to move to the next challenge. However, we will be monitoring your scores just like we do at school and may adjust your level if necessary! 


Good luck!

How do I know which steps I am working on?


1. Login to Big Maths

2. Click on the Learn Its challenge.

3. At the bottom of the screen it will tell you the three steps you are working on (for example, step 10, step 11, step 12)

4. Alternatively if you cannot see this, wait for the timer to finish. It will then tell you the steps you are working on and your score. Do not worry if this says zero, I will change this when you email me your score. 

5. If you have any problems working this out, please email us on the home learning email address and we will be abel to tell you which level you are on.