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Believe - achieve - succeed

Vision, Aims and Values

School Vision, Aims and Values


Our vision, aims and values express our core purpose and what we strive to do for our children and families each and every day. The children, staff, parents and governors have all contributed to creating our aims, vision and values and they emphasise the needs and expectations of a modern primary school education as well as having Pomphlett’s special and unique ethos at its heart. Our school slogan, believe - achieve - succeed, inspires our children to focus on everything they do in school and to try and improve to be the very best that they can be. In particular, we use our values to actively teach the children the importance of these and avoid the possibility that they develop an understanding of them purely “by chance.”





Pomphlett Primary is a caring and supportive learning environment where children achieve their full potential on their journey to being successful lifelong learners and confident individuals


We nurture the whole child and provide high quality education through a challenging and creative curriculum to teach the children the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to: be happy and safe; have a secure future; be healthy and well and achieve and enjoy


Everyone is valued and respected and has equal opportunities to achieve their best and enjoy school life: we are proud to be an inclusive school.


Each child has a unique contribution to offer and, in partnership with their families, we will help them take their place as caring members of society who contribute positively to their communities




We believe that children flourish in a welcominginclusive and caring environment that is based firmly within an ethos grounded in strong family values. Values are the essential qualities we hold as people that guide all our actions and decisions in work and everyday life. The following core values are upheld by everyone in our school community and inspire and define how we all, both children and adults, work together as we strive to achieve our shared vision and aims : they are at the HEART of everything we do here at Pomphlett.



We nurture these values through our shared visions and aims.