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What to expect in the Early Years (age 3–4)

If your child is age 3–4, the chances are that they are in some form of Early Years setting, whether that is a nursery, preschool, playgroup, or with a childminder. This is a hugely important stage for your child’s learning, and it’s a really fun one too!

What will my child do in the Early Years?

At this stage of their learning, your child will be mainly learning through play-based activities. They will also be learning about routine and developing early literacy and maths skills, learning about the world around them and learning social skills.

The Importance of Play

This year your child will begin to learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring and investigating, watching and listening, talking and discussing, creating, and communicating – in other words, playing.

Play is children’s work and playing hard is very tiring! Play can also be very messy as your child will be learning both inside with sand, water and paint, and also in the outdoors with mud, leaves and so on, so you can expect some mucky clothes at the end of the day.

Further really useful information for parents from Oxford Owl can be found here:

Welcome to Pomphlett Preschool


At Pomphlett Preschool, we aim to provide a nurturing and friendly environment where your child can follow their own interests; learn at their own pace; and have fun whilst doing so. Our Preschool is small enough to deliver a personal and individual approach to your child's development but big enough for your child to engage and play alongside other children. Preschool is led by a fully qualified and experienced manager and managed by a highly experienced and qualified assistant, ensuring that your child will receive the best possible start to their education. Preschool is open to children from their third birthday onwards.

Please contact the school office to arrange a tour of the Preschool.