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At Pomplett, history is brought to life, enabling children to explore like detectives and work like historians. Children are given the opportunity to study a variety of primary and secondary sources, make predictions, build their historical knowledge and develop key history skills. ‘Big questions’ provide children with an enquiry-led approach to their learning, leading to them developing their own questions to investigate. Pomphlett pupils are curious about the past and keen to understand how and why events occurred. This naturally leads them in to investigating why people interpret the past in different ways. As a school, we believe that high-quality history lessons encourage critical thinking, the ability to weigh evidence, the chance to form strong arguments, and allow pupils to develop perspective and judgement. Over their years at Pomphlett, pupils experience a rich curriculum, learning about key historical events and people in Britain’s past, how they shaped our present, as well as learning about historical civilisations and periods across the world. 

The youngest children at Pomphlett learn about historical events that happened closest to the present year. As the children progress through the years, their History learning delves deeper and further into the past. Throughout each key stage the learning will always use the children as a starting point and links and comparisons to our lives, in the present day, will be explored.