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Modern Foreign Languages

The National Curriculum states 'A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world' and 'provides an opening to other
cultures.'  At Pomphlett Primary School, this is at the heart of our languages provision.  All KS2 classes will be taught French through a combination of direct teaching and practical, immersive activities.   The children will be introduced to French words and phrases which form the basis of everyday conversations.  For example, they will learn common greetings, numbers and how to talk about the weather and their families.  Through this, they will find out more about French culture. Each class will also study basic grammatical conventions and phonological awareness.  The emphasis will be on speaking and listening skills and the ability to converse in French, although there will be written activities too.  At the end of terms, the children will be tested to assess their progress.
Currently, our French curriculum is delivered by Language Teachers from Plymstock Secondary School.  This excellent provision ensures the children have a fantastic start to acquiring language skills.
The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is also enhanced in other ways.  Children in both Key Stages learn songs in different languages as part of their Topic work and we celebrate European Languages Day in September.  We also host visits from students and teachers from other European.
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