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Our Virtual Tours


Welcome to Pomphlett Primary School's virtual tours. These virtual tours were set up when we were unable to give tours, due to COVID, and were designed to give an insight into the learning experiences of our children across the school. 


If you would like a tour of Pomphlett Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01752 408966 or by email:

Welcome to Pomphlett Preschool

Take a look around Pomphlett Preschool

Our Foundation Classes

A tour of our two Foundation classes

Our Year 1 Classes

A tour of our Year 1 classes

Our Year 2 Classes

A tour of Year 2

Our Year 3 Classes

A tour of our Year 3 classes

Welcome to Year 4

Our Year 4 classes

Our Year 5 Class

A tour of Year 5

Our Year 6 class

A tour of Year 6