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Plymstock Rewards

When we went to Plymstock 24 Feb 2015
At 1:30 in the afternoon we got told to go get our coats and water bottles.  We were all excited to go.  We had to pair up.  When we got there we had three different sports.  They was football, rollerball and netball.  We were split up into 6 different teams so we all could take it in turns playing each team.  Rollerball is when you have to stand still and roll the ball to your mates and score.  Football was exciting.  You could run, dribble, pass, shoot and kick.  Netball was just like rollerball but you have to get the ball to your goalie and you could throw it at the end.  Some teams got a trophy and some didn’t.  Finally we went back home to school.  It was great fun.
By Jack Hammond Year 5.